About Shipping and FAQs


How long does it take for my order to be processed?

It usually takes 7 days at the most before the product is shipped. This does not include holidays or weekends. Processing during holidays may last 14 days at the most!



About Shipping Time

Orders in the U.S. are shipped through the USPS. International orders shipment depends on the center where the product is being shipped from.


Shipping time in the U.S. – from 5 to 20 weekdays

Shipping time internationally – from 10 to 45 weekdays

Average shipping time is 3 weeks.


 There are many things that cannot be controlled (weather, holidays, natural disasters…) and they may influence shipping time. The majority of shipments arrive on time, but in some cases, it is simply impossible because of the aforementioned circumstances. Because of this, we cannot give you a guarantee when it comes to the time of the delivery. Delivery is done by the shipping company and not by the manufacturer.



About Tracking Numbers

 Each of our products could be shipped from various locations around the world because our product development team tries to find sourcing of the highest quality that comes at a reasonable price. Because of that, we cannot provide you with a tracking number for your order. But our company is completely insured and in case that you didn’t receive your order, it will be reshipped to you, for free!



Which Courier Service are you going to use?

Which courier service is going to deliver your order depends on the center it comes from. Like we said before our product sourcing is done in different countries so that we can offer you the best possible price. Courier services in different countries are different. If we don’t have a good business relationship with a certain courier service, we can’t offer you cheaper shipping rates. And because of that, we would fall behind in the global market to giants like Amazon and others.


Nonetheless, we would like to make it perfectly clear that all of your orders will come, and in an unfortunate case of a missing order, they are all insured and you will get your package.

I ordered two or more Items, but I received only one. Why?

We are doing our best in order to lower the cost that you have to pay in terms of premiums and taxes. If you have ordered more than one item from us it is very likely that they have been sent separately. Please wait a little bit longer and your order will arrive.



About Taxes and Tariffs

The price that you have on your receipt in some cases MAY differ from the price that you have ordered. Please do not worry! Usually, when one of our centers fills an order, they mark it as gifts or they mark very low prices. This is done in order to save you from having to pay extra tariffs or customs taxes. Also, this is done because in some countries tariffs and taxes can be very high.



I ordered, but I didn’t get a confirmation email. What is happening?

First off, ensure that you give us the right email when you place your order. Check all the folders including the spam folder. After you have done this and you still haven’t received the confirmation email please contact us at

If I am not at home when you deliver my order, what then?


Anyone can receive the package; you don’t have to do it personally. Usually, the delivery service leaves a slip if no one is at home. You can take the collection slip to the nearest office of the courier service or the nearest post.



I want to put a different order or a different address. Can I do that?

Firstly, try to make sure that when you are filling your order everything is filled out correctly, but mistakes happen, we understand that. Our orders are processed on the day we get them. If you want to make a change of address or any other change please email us at The sooner the better! We will do our best to do it in time, but we cannot guarantee that we will make it. If the shipment has already left one of our centers, changes cannot be made after that, so again the sooner you contact us the better! If this happens you can return the wrong item to the closest Regional Warehouse and when we get it we will send you the correct order. Just contact us and we will let you know where the closest Regional Warehouse is.



I have a question that has not been addressed here. Where can I contact you? 

Send us your questions at We will contact you as soon as possible!